Nov 22, 2012

November 22nd Thur. ‐ Thanks Giving Weekend

It's nice and warm day in late autumn.

It's thanksgiving holiday in western countries.

In Japan actuary, we have a national holiday in this same week.

It's called the day of "Kinro Kansya".

It means the day that we thank workers.

I don't really know about thanksgiving day in west but "Thank" and "Kansya" are almost same word.

But here in Japan, we nomally haven't got any party, turkey and other nice dishes...

This year, tomorrow, 23rd, is our holiday and it happens to be a little longer weekend.

I feel like we want to have a small party with lovely kids.

Business was very slow around noon but it's getting picked up later now.

Current Earnings 7,800(15:51)

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