Apr 27, 2012

Apr. 27th Fri. ‐ The Day Before The Golden Week

It's a stunning beautiful day.

Temp is getting higher to over 20 degree.

I took cold water shower after running this morning and put towel on my back to absorb smelly sweat.

From tomorrow, we got into short holiday called "the golden week", it's not really a "week" though...

It's absolutely a good season, one of the most beautiful season of the year.

I also take a few day off from tomorrow.

It's nice to plan what to do on the holiday with my kids.

Business is slow as this week has been.

I just got a bit long one to a place a little short of Arima hot spring resort.

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Apr 26, 2012

Apr. 26th Thur. ‐ A Cloudy Day

It's a cloudy afternoon.

It was forcasted rain today which would carry from last night.

But it is actually just cloudy, not really wet.

From this weekend, we got into short holiday season so, or nothing to do with, it's slow this week.

Anyway I hope the holidays will be nice and sunny.

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Apr 25, 2012

Apr. 25th Wed. - Flower Season

Cherry flowers are gone now.

But It was like cherry flowers whistled others to blossome.

Now bunch of colors of flowers decorate the fields around.

Temp is already like a cool summer day.

You can easily sweat and shape your body.

You can take cold water shower which I did this morning after jogging.

And I did some bank stuff for my kids, they're gonna belong local sports club, this morning before the shift.

Business seemed not bad this morning but went slower now.

I feel bad roll comes now after good one while...

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Apr 21, 2012

Apr. 21st Sat. ー Time for Kids

It's a another sunny and warm day.

I felt a little sick yesterday but much better today maybe because I haven't got any alcohol last night after the shift.

This morning I got up 8 and took my kids to local soccer school.

I think they could, maybe I could too, enjoy the time we shared.

But this morning when we were having good time, local train had stoped by some accident on the rail.

It means cabs would have been sold all the way out.

I couldn't be there...

But spending time with kids is the most precious moment for life I believe.

I started this shift about 13:30.

It was already dead silence, and I got first one just before 3.

got couple in a row.

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Apr 20, 2012

Apr. 20th Fri. ‐ No Worries!

It was rain in the morning.

But it seems up now.

I stayed up late last night sitting in front of PC and searching about Jeju witch I still perplex going there for the marathon event next month.

I have a few worries in my mind.

But I remember Ausie words "No worries!".

I gotta move.

Nothing gonna change just thinkin about it.

I'm at H station today on my turn which comes once a two month.

It was dead till 13:30, but got picking up a little now.

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Apr 18, 2012

Apr. 18th Wed. - Warm Spring Day

Cherry blossoms are still hanging in there.

It's a warm, even hot day here.

Allergy seems gone now but I feel something defferent in my body.

Every year when cherry trees are blossomed, I feel I lost something again.

I would lost time and days, at least 300 and some, but also my will...

I get less mortibated these days.

I keep trying to get up.

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I started 10:30 this morning.

Every drivers are out for golf competition today so few cabs are around.

comparing that it's a dead slow day.

Apr 17, 2012

Apr. 17th Tues. - Start to Fall

Cherry flowers were full bloomed on the weekend and started to fall now.

It's a beautiful season here but so much pollen killed me yesterday, I got attacked by the allergy.

I feel better now but business has been slow so far today.

It finally seems stacked after good roll for a while.

I try to post the entries at 3 to see what happens here.

I had any customer for this couple hours...

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Apr 14, 2012

Apr. 14th Sat. ー Spring Sunshine

It's 5:25 in the afternoon sun is just above the station roof.

And now, a beautiful spring day are waving her hand leaving clear blue sky.

I had been sick since last month and it seems gone now.

I feel better now.

But I feel I've lost something in a way.

I don't know what it is though.

It's a bright and slow Saturday.

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Apr 11, 2012

Apr. 11th Wed. - Rainy Day

Cherry trees are now blossomed after long wait.

But hard rain prevent us to watch them under the warm spring sunshine.

Rain so far helps our business a little bit.

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Apr 5, 2012

Apr. 5th Thur. ‐ Cherry Tree

Cherry trees are waiting the day to bloom.

This trees and the blossoms are absolutely special for us Japanese.

They tell us not only that spring comes but also some religious call like we're still alive after the harsh winter.

I love this tree.
I love the blossom.

I will again face them and as every year, I think about the context that what they mean to me this year.

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