Jul 31, 2011

Clouds in me

Huge cloud came

But there was no shower in the evening.

Shower is the anger of the sky...

I wanna get rid of the anger in me if possible.

I wanna get rid of the clouds in me if possible.

Jul 28, 2011

Been Cloudy

This beautiful sun set is actually the one I took a week ago.

From then, it's been not very clear weather, cloudy... sometimes sun shines but it doesn't kick them, damn disturbing clouds.

Temp doesn't also get excited, stay below 30...

I like real hot summer

I'd been heated, on a roll making good shifts lately.

And as the weather got cooling off gradually I'm getting, kind of, set.

I'm lookin forward he, harsh sunshine, comes back and make me get heated again.

July 27th Wed.
Fare Earned 26,520(6,120+20,400)
MaxRide 4,790(23:20)