Feb 22, 2009

Beer Please

Today's words are

(mecchu juseyo)


[Beer please]

in English.These words are very important and crucial when I travel abroad.

It's rainy day today.Taxy users shoud be more than usual,and sales should be...

We,drivers who work for a company,nomally get half of our sales(fare).

Today is Sunday,but no extra pay.

Everything's from sales,Everything from customer,and we work for society...

Feb 19, 2009

Road to Korea

I made up my mind later in last month.

I'm goin to Korea!

I'm goin there in March to run Soul marathon.

I feel exited to think about that,the journey, and the marathon.

I started to learn Korean language,so I'll write down a little of korean words here as I study.

The first one,is

(toman nayo)

This means

[see you later] in English.

And funny thing is,the pronounce (toman nayo) means

Don't stop

in Japanese,kind of slung...

anyway it's good to memorize.

Feb 8, 2009


It's the grammy day today!

But here is Japan, I have to wait a little more to see what happens on this year's grammy.

Song of the year... I think this is the main category of the award.

The nominees are,

Kanya West with American boy

Adele with Chasing Pavements

Jason Mraz with I'm yours

Sara Bareilles with love song

Coldplay with Viva La Vida

I support Jason,! He's the best one for me!