Sep 30, 2012

Vosne Romanee

I've been banning drinking this month.

And today, I removed the ban!

Drinking good wine.

I hope I would have good life!

Sep 25, 2012

Sept. 25th Tues. - Chiffon Bread

This is a bread like chiffon cake that I bought for lunch at a convenience store.

And this is so nice with good volume.

Business had gone good in the day, but slowed at night.

Current Earnings 17,420(10:50)

Sep 3, 2012

Sept. 3rd Mon - Sleep Day

It's said to be "the day of sleep" today.

I woke up too early this morning, 5:30 man!.

I'm eager to sleep now...

Current Earnings 18,220(23:51)