Apr 25, 2011


It's Rape blossoms in English blooming in fields around.

It's beautiful but the English name ... is far from romantic.


It's Rhododendron, in English, blooming under those rising carp which is another Japanese traditional culture for kids.

We went local festival named "Shakunage fest" yesterday.

It was held in Sasayama up north from Kobe.

It was a small local fest but we enjoyed foods and dances there.

Homemade donuts were splendid and cheep!

Apr 21, 2011


Dogwood trees are having fresh leaves now.

I walk up to my kids' kindergarten this evening with my daughter, she's now a school girl, pushing her bike.

It's a sunny and warm evening when I found these lovely little leaves down the road.

I feel not bad as my earned fare is devastating today so far ...

April 21st Thur. Sunny
Current Fare Earned 6,730 (21:00)

Apr 18, 2011

Full Moon

It's full moon tonight.

it shows after the rain,

beautiful actually

Apr 15, 2011


It's a very popular Japanese road side tree, Zelkova.

I've seen the trees so many times in my life and found they bloom some brown stuff and turn green this time of the year.

Actually I found it beautiful even those dark brown flowers.

Apr 14, 2011


This is a Kobushi tree which flowers are bloomed beautifully as people's attention goes to cherry blossoms this time of the year.

I found these flowers beautiful recently as I glow my age.

I find lovely flowers every year in my thirties.

Lovely season has just started.

Apr 2, 2011


This is a photo of a street in Kobe now.

Kobe is now just one of the national large cities in Japan.

You can't imagin what happened here 16 years ago watching those street scene.

Now, we got another disaster in northeast, Tohoku region, and it seems to be much worse as we never imagine something worse than that one we had in Kobe.

But I believe, some day, we can see the beautiful shore line in northeastern Japan after the nightmare, tsunami.

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