Mar 28, 2009

Cherry blossomed!

Cherry trees just started to blossom its beautiful pink blossoms.

They'll keep holding those for a couple weeks,only a couple weeks!

Their short-lived lives catch our Japanese people's hearts.

We drink beer under those trees this time of the year.

That's the way we start an year(Japanese school year starts in April).

I hope a few people jump on our taxi after drinking...

Mar 24, 2009

Japan won the classic!

World Baseball Classic are just done with its schedule.

Japan beat Korea at the final.

I watched the game at our office with a few other drivers.

While the game,not many are on the road or taxi rank at the station.

Anyway the game was really a "classic",and I hope it will make our business a little better.

Mar 13, 2009


I'm in Seoul now.

I stayed in Busan for one night and took highway bus from there.

Busan was nice and warm city (though it was raining in this morning), and Seoul is nice but very cold and crowdy city.

I walk around a little and eat some Korean noodle (kal kuks? don know how to spell it).

I'm eager to learn Korean characters, hun-gul. I cannot talk Korean, it cannot be helped for now, but cannnot read Korean, that's too bad.

I just wonder and get mad why we, Japanese, are not educated (even basic) Korean language and culture.

Today, it's time for us (Japanese and Korean) to break the history strain, and go on to the Asian prosperity.

Mar 12, 2009

Kansai Airport

I'm in Kansai airport Japan, writing at the airport internet stand(it's free!).

I'm leaving to busan in an hour.

hope I'll have good trip and this one will give me a little change to my life.

Airport is always confortable for me, I love this place...

Mar 7, 2009

Burrito Japan

Burrito is back to the store of Seven Eleven Japan!

I love burrito and Seven Eleven.

But I'm getting alittle weight lately, got to do some diet for the marathon next week...