May 19, 2011

"Where is here?"

It's the beautiful season always surrounded by brandnew green when driving cab.

Since the huge quake and tsunami on March 11th, the economy in Kansai, western Japan around Osaka, seem to have little impact so far.

I keep earning a little more than last year's daily fare.

Yesterday, I had a research meeting about local agriculture in Kobe, actually this is nothing to do with my cab work but some consulting stuff.

Anyway I'd been out of work over five hours and bet on the roulette at late night station.

And I got the ride.

One guy, looks 30s, jumped on saying

"Itami station"

"Thanks , I take the industrial road there and it would cost more than 100 bucks. OK?"

"No problem driver"

Then, as always, he slept laying on the back seet.

When we got close to the Itami station, I woke him up and asking detail destination.

"Ah ... do you know M electric?"

"Yes, M electric in Itami right? "

"Right, I live around the factory"

"Goin down this one OK? "


Then I drove down the road heading the factory, cab meter was already over 13 thousand (yen).
After driving about a mile, he tweeted

"Where is here?"


"It's not familiar sight around here ..."

"M electric is just a couple blocks away"

"I mentioned another one"

Indeed there is the other one that never crossed my mind because that is "not on the road".

I soon turn around and he phoned asking more money to his wife as the meter was then over 15 thousand.

It was a big hit but not really happy one.

May 18th Thur.
Fare Earned 27,650 9Rides
Max Ride 15,350