Aug 31, 2012

August 31st Fri. ‐ Blue Moon

It's a beautiful blue moon night.

Blue moon occurred in March 2010 at latest which was I didn't know.

I realize how blue moon means at first time in my life.

And I'm excited how mysterious this moon is.

I feel something means to me...

Then I look forward seeing next blue moon in July 2015 when I'm 42.

Business goes well this Friday.

Current Earnings 26,190(22:48)

Aug 27, 2012

August 26th Sun. - Depressed

This is a hell Sunday shift.

I was away this morning as I went back my hometown on Friday.

I (and my wife) drove 300 kilo and alived about 1 in the afternoon.

Then I got here on work at 3.

It wasn't bad as I took a couple ride just after I got in.

But at night I found out I lost money, 4000 yen! today.

Then my day suddenly got dark.

I'm on a bad roll now.

So depressed...

Current Earnings 12,660(24:02)

Aug 22, 2012

August 22nd Wed. - Gecko

It was another hot day in late summer.

In the afternoon, we had a meeting at the office.
It was a boring, meeningless one...

But I got a gecko in the meeting room!

He made me happy!

I took picture and released.

Business goes slow after the meeting, especially 15:00-17:30 I got no ride.

It's going not bad at night.

Current Earnings 18,290(23:06)

Aug 21, 2012

August 21st Tues. - Osaka

This photo is Nakanoshima library in Osaka.

Yesterday, I took day off and went Osaka by train to take a lecture for consulting.

That was about corporate union, and I enjoyed the discussion.

Bon holiday is gone, then business is nomally freezed this seoson.

Current Earnings 17,910(22:47)

Not bad so far ...

Aug 13, 2012

August 13th Mon - Bon Holiday

It's a summer holiday season called " Bon" from today (to 16th).

They say our ancestors will come down to this world for this period of summer.

I'm at work but not mortivated ...

I gotta do something.

I always say those words to myself.

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Aug 10, 2012

Pink Japan

Japanese women soccer team got silver medals at London Olympic.

They are called "Nadeshiko(pink flower) Japan", and maybe most popular national team of this Olympic.

I wasn't very interested in women soccer before this Olympic, but after I watch a couple games, I'm impressed a lot.

And the champions, American team, are absolutely worth gold medals.

It's slow Friday so far as last Friday.

Current Earnings 13,390(22:53)

Aug 2, 2012

August 2nd Thur. ‐ Olympic Days

It's very hot but not really hell like last week.

Temp here in the cab is now 35, it went over 37 last week.

Olympic Game has started last weekend as I couldn't post a entry by e-mail on this blogger for some reason.

I stay up late everynight watching Olympic ...

Gymnast Uchimura won a gold medal (2nd for team Japan) which pleased me a lot early in the morning (that was jast passed 3 in the morning).

Business goes not good, especially between 1 to 4 in the afternoon is absolutely dead lately.

Current Earnings 4,000(15:40 no ride from 13:00)