Dec 28, 2011

Dec 28 Wed.

It's only 4 days left this year.

Next year, I'm trying to write this blog on every shift around this time of the day.

Today, I'm at a rural station, this year's last shift here.

Current Earnings 6,040 6 Rides 3.25 hrs.

gonna wax my cab jumping out cold air.

Nov 2, 2011

A Fellow Driver Left

That was the bad news I heard this morning.

A fellow driver left.

I don't know why ...

He's been absent lately and I've been worrying alittle but never thought he was going to leave.

Because he looked motivated to be behind the wheel here.

He was 30 years old, young as a cabby here as average driver's age is just below 60.

So even I ,38, be considered "young" and surrounded by bunch of elder guys.

I have been looking forward to having young fellows and I believe if more young guys come around, cab industry would change.

I have talked to the guy afew times and felt he was good one.

He was the age that I started driving as a cabby.

He said he was just got married and ought to make a good family as a driver like me.

I'm alittle disappointed hearing the "bad" news.

But wait to see...

He has his life, family, future.

He would be good I believe.

I'm not alone.

This industry need alittle more time to change.

I still sit here behind the wheel, maybe next afew years.

I'll see what happens and wish and believe our future.

Aug 26, 2011

Sunrise in a cloudy morning

I like this picture.

I took this one during the Bon holiday in Hukuchiyama, up north in Kyoto.

I walk up to Maizuru on the day.

That was hot and hard walking there ..

Jul 31, 2011

Clouds in me

Huge cloud came

But there was no shower in the evening.

Shower is the anger of the sky...

I wanna get rid of the anger in me if possible.

I wanna get rid of the clouds in me if possible.

Jul 28, 2011

Been Cloudy

This beautiful sun set is actually the one I took a week ago.

From then, it's been not very clear weather, cloudy... sometimes sun shines but it doesn't kick them, damn disturbing clouds.

Temp doesn't also get excited, stay below 30...

I like real hot summer

I'd been heated, on a roll making good shifts lately.

And as the weather got cooling off gradually I'm getting, kind of, set.

I'm lookin forward he, harsh sunshine, comes back and make me get heated again.

July 27th Wed.
Fare Earned 26,520(6,120+20,400)
MaxRide 4,790(23:20)

Jun 25, 2011

Jun 4, 2011

Political Network

Dogwoods are still blooming beside the river, and that is just beautiful in this humid season here.

They say rainy season has started last week, that's much earlier than normal, but we get not much water this week.

The biggest news here is the unconfidence vote of the national government yesterday.

The vote was rejected anyway after a series of ugly argument,

but Japanese PM will change again

as he, Naoto Kan, announced just before the vote.

Actually I liked him although I didn't unlike a few of his predecessors as most patriots in this lovely country did.

It doesn't matter if a small guy like me like the leader or not, that's not big deal.

The issue is why he decided to step down.

At least up to last week when we had alot of rain, he looked determined to stay there.

It's interesting that I watched the DVD "social network" yesterday, and I found something in common.

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of the great Facebook, owed small money, or small idea, to his friends when he was young (he's actually still very young though).

Later, after everyone got to know he is really a big guy, people came around as always and tried to get something back.

Let's go back to Japanese political drama.

I like Mr. Kan because he is an ordinary guy not like guys in political family.

Maybe he had a hard time to raise money to work as a politician when he was young.

And now, some idiot come around him when he got authority.

Anyway it's ugly... weird.

The study just tells us you need money if you wanna be a leader.

You cannot be like Mark if you are a politician.

That is not "social" but "political" network.

May 3rd Fri.
Fare Earned 41,600
16 Rides
MaxRide 12,630

I got a couple long ones.

had a good Friday.

May 19, 2011

"Where is here?"

It's the beautiful season always surrounded by brandnew green when driving cab.

Since the huge quake and tsunami on March 11th, the economy in Kansai, western Japan around Osaka, seem to have little impact so far.

I keep earning a little more than last year's daily fare.

Yesterday, I had a research meeting about local agriculture in Kobe, actually this is nothing to do with my cab work but some consulting stuff.

Anyway I'd been out of work over five hours and bet on the roulette at late night station.

And I got the ride.

One guy, looks 30s, jumped on saying

"Itami station"

"Thanks , I take the industrial road there and it would cost more than 100 bucks. OK?"

"No problem driver"

Then, as always, he slept laying on the back seet.

When we got close to the Itami station, I woke him up and asking detail destination.

"Ah ... do you know M electric?"

"Yes, M electric in Itami right? "

"Right, I live around the factory"

"Goin down this one OK? "


Then I drove down the road heading the factory, cab meter was already over 13 thousand (yen).
After driving about a mile, he tweeted

"Where is here?"


"It's not familiar sight around here ..."

"M electric is just a couple blocks away"

"I mentioned another one"

Indeed there is the other one that never crossed my mind because that is "not on the road".

I soon turn around and he phoned asking more money to his wife as the meter was then over 15 thousand.

It was a big hit but not really happy one.

May 18th Thur.
Fare Earned 27,650 9Rides
Max Ride 15,350

Apr 25, 2011


It's Rape blossoms in English blooming in fields around.

It's beautiful but the English name ... is far from romantic.


It's Rhododendron, in English, blooming under those rising carp which is another Japanese traditional culture for kids.

We went local festival named "Shakunage fest" yesterday.

It was held in Sasayama up north from Kobe.

It was a small local fest but we enjoyed foods and dances there.

Homemade donuts were splendid and cheep!

Apr 21, 2011


Dogwood trees are having fresh leaves now.

I walk up to my kids' kindergarten this evening with my daughter, she's now a school girl, pushing her bike.

It's a sunny and warm evening when I found these lovely little leaves down the road.

I feel not bad as my earned fare is devastating today so far ...

April 21st Thur. Sunny
Current Fare Earned 6,730 (21:00)

Apr 18, 2011

Full Moon

It's full moon tonight.

it shows after the rain,

beautiful actually

Apr 15, 2011


It's a very popular Japanese road side tree, Zelkova.

I've seen the trees so many times in my life and found they bloom some brown stuff and turn green this time of the year.

Actually I found it beautiful even those dark brown flowers.

Apr 14, 2011


This is a Kobushi tree which flowers are bloomed beautifully as people's attention goes to cherry blossoms this time of the year.

I found these flowers beautiful recently as I glow my age.

I find lovely flowers every year in my thirties.

Lovely season has just started.

Apr 2, 2011


This is a photo of a street in Kobe now.

Kobe is now just one of the national large cities in Japan.

You can't imagin what happened here 16 years ago watching those street scene.

Now, we got another disaster in northeast, Tohoku region, and it seems to be much worse as we never imagine something worse than that one we had in Kobe.

But I believe, some day, we can see the beautiful shore line in northeastern Japan after the nightmare, tsunami.

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Feb 18, 2011

Today's NHK World News

It was helping activity in Cambodia.

A few Japanese young guys are doing various activities there, and they are mortivated so much.

I want to visit the country some day.

Feb 8, 2011

It's raised

The meter fare has been raised around this region yesterday.

I'm not happy with that, even disappointed about this local movement.