Jun 4, 2011

Political Network

Dogwoods are still blooming beside the river, and that is just beautiful in this humid season here.

They say rainy season has started last week, that's much earlier than normal, but we get not much water this week.

The biggest news here is the unconfidence vote of the national government yesterday.

The vote was rejected anyway after a series of ugly argument,

but Japanese PM will change again

as he, Naoto Kan, announced just before the vote.

Actually I liked him although I didn't unlike a few of his predecessors as most patriots in this lovely country did.

It doesn't matter if a small guy like me like the leader or not, that's not big deal.

The issue is why he decided to step down.

At least up to last week when we had alot of rain, he looked determined to stay there.

It's interesting that I watched the DVD "social network" yesterday, and I found something in common.

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of the great Facebook, owed small money, or small idea, to his friends when he was young (he's actually still very young though).

Later, after everyone got to know he is really a big guy, people came around as always and tried to get something back.

Let's go back to Japanese political drama.

I like Mr. Kan because he is an ordinary guy not like guys in political family.

Maybe he had a hard time to raise money to work as a politician when he was young.

And now, some idiot come around him when he got authority.

Anyway it's ugly... weird.

The study just tells us you need money if you wanna be a leader.

You cannot be like Mark if you are a politician.

That is not "social" but "political" network.

May 3rd Fri.
Fare Earned 41,600
16 Rides
MaxRide 12,630

I got a couple long ones.

had a good Friday.

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