Jan 31, 2012

Jan. 31st Tues. - Indian Summer

It's a warm and cozy afternoon.

I come up this shift after two days off.

My daughter got flu and left school this morning.

I was OK, but had been so sleepy this afternoon... might caught the flu.

I wear a mask on my mouth and feel much better after I slept a little in the cab.

It's pretty slow today ...

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Jan 28, 2012

Jan. 28th Sat. ー lazy Saturday

It's another weekend shift at this rural station.

I got a big ride, 25,990 to Katano Osaka, last night and I was kind of set.

I was out here after I filled gas just after noon.

It was slow but being picked up little by little.

Then after 4, it went dead again and I slept alot in the cab...

I had early dinner just before 6 and came out again hopeing it would be another good night.

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Jan 27, 2012

Jan. 27th Fri. ‐ New Moon

I found new moon yesterday's evening.

It was beautiful.

New years day is 23rd this year in old calendar.

It's been uneasy about affairs for my family this month.

It's kind of hard but it may be destiny I had in my life.

There are not many people who really believe in god in this country, and I was one of those.

But I often think about god these days ...

I don't know how he (or she) looks what is his rule and, of course, what's his name... but I would know he exists somewhere in this world.

Business got picked up a little now.

I wanna make big one today because It's Friday anyway.

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Jan 26, 2012

Jan. 26th Thur. ‐ Late Lunch

It's a shift after three days off.

I was back in my hometown again early this week.

I drove back home early this morning, almost 1o'clock and couldn't sleep well before this shift.

I'm so tired actually...

But I called my Dad this morning that made me feel a little better.

I was hanging without eating but I couldn't help.

I jumped in to the store just in front of my cab parking space and bought sweet bread.

So yummy!

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Jan 22, 2012

Jan. 22nd Sun. - Sunday Shift

It's a hell Sunday shift.

I don't wanna ... maybe anyone doesn't wanna ... work on Sunday.

But it was sunny and warm day after rainy days.

It was slow, actually any ride I got up to 3, and I was waxing my cab.

I was even sweating outside when I was waxing because of the warm whether on this coldest season of the year.

Business got picking up after 3.

Current Earnings 16,760

I'm gonna drive to my hometown again after this shift.

kind of weary driving whole night, four hours, without sleeping...

Jan 21, 2012

Jan. 21st Sat. - The Third Day

It's rainy again, three days in a raw.

Yesterday was a little warm, but today gets colder.

It's slow Saturday hope it'll pick up at night.

Current Ernings 5,360

Jan 20, 2012

Jan. 20th Fri. ‐ He's Left

It's another rainy day unless forecast has said it wouldn't be wet.

Today, before the shift, we had a office meeting which announced it's the final day for the chief.

He's been my boss for this 9 years.

We're, actually, not getting along at all.

He's always scolded me, and I sometimes talked against him.

But today, after the meeting, I went up to his desk and said "thank you".

That was a good moment maybe I wouldn't forget in my life.

I feel ... kindof set now.

I gotta stay here alittle more time.

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Jan 19, 2012

Jan. 19th Thur. ‐ given ETC card

This is first shift after 5days off.

I was back in my hometown doing some stuff with my father.

I'm a little weary but life goes on you know ...

It's raining after a while.

It's cold, cold rain gonna be snow tonight I guess.

I was, for first time, given ETC card for my cab.

ETC is aggregation for "electric toll correction system"

hope I could get one who use "highway".

gonna be easy!

Business had been going well but I had to stop at the garage to change dynamo for my cab so lost a little while ...

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Jan 13, 2012

Jan. 13th Fri. ‐Thirteenth Friday

It's another cloudy afternoon.

And it's another slow day for us cabbies.

It's thirteenth Friday ... I'm not Christian but alittle weird.

I hate this day since I was a school boy because I got a few weird stuff on this Christian event.

This year we'll have afew of the evil days ...January, April, July.

I hope today will be peacefully over and look forward to July 14th.

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Jan 12, 2012

Jan. 12th Thur. ‐Oil Change

It's cloudy this afternoon after the chilly freezing night.

It's alittle warmer but business is very slow.

I changed engine oil and checked air pressure of the tire before I went out the garage.

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Jan 11, 2012

Jan. 11th Wed. - I don't like "enryo"

It's raining this afternoon.

It would be the first rain after new year's day.

gonna be snow at night ... they say.

I'm thinking about a Japanese word "enryo", means that you try "not" doing something if it might be bother someone.

I looked up dictionary and it says the English words for "enryo" are "reserved" or "diffident".

But those words are kind of negatve term as "enryo" is kind of polite, good term.

Anyway in Japanese society, We're often forced this term "enryo".

I'm Japanese but I don't like this word ...

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Jan 10, 2012

Jan. 10th Tues.

I wake up at 6 this morning, and went to Nishinomiya "Ebessan" with my son.

This shrine is said to make our Business better, and "10th Ebisu" is believed to be the special day for this god which is today January 10th.

Current Earnings 23,130

For now, Mr. Ebisu counts alot for me.

Jan 7, 2012

Jan. 7th Sat.

It's sunny but another cold day.

It's first weekend after new year holiday.

Business has been not bad for now, but it would be a hard day.

Current Earnings 5,830

Today is 7th of January and we eat 7 green rice porridge praying year long healthy body.

Jan 6, 2012

Jan. 6th Fri.

It's a beautiful sunny day.

It's warm after a couple of freezing days.

I couldn't see any clouds and business was going nicely this morning.

All of those makes me positive.

It appears some clouds and business gets slower now.

But I believe this is gonna be a good day.

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Jan 5, 2012

Jan. 5th Thur.

One nice customer gave me some vegetable she grew, pumpkin and Japanese radish.

We had the new year meeting at office this afternoon.

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Jan 4, 2012

Jan. 4th Wed.

started to snow in the afternoon...

It is very cold, zero degree even now at four.

Business was goin not bad and now it slowed down.

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Jan 3, 2012

The first shift

This is first shift of the year.

I'm at a rural A station again.

It's a cloudy, freezing afternoon.

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