Mar 26, 2012

Mar 26th Mon - Snow

It snowed this afternoon.

It's not normal this time of the year.

Spring should be here now, but seems not really ...

I've been sick in this a few days started last Wednesday with severe allergy.

I still feel dizzy now but I stay my shift this week too.

It's a busy Monday at the end of Japanese fiscal year.

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Mar 19, 2012

Mar 19th Mon - I feel lazy

I feel lazy on the beginning of the spring.

Maybe I should set a goal otherwise time just goes like river flow.

I keep missing something lately.

I don't know what it is but I definitely make wrong decision at a few occasion.

Maybe I should set something to make my stuff goes other direction.

I don't have much time to do that but I don't wanna hurry doing that.

Business is normal, mean slow, lazy Monday.

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Mar 14, 2012

March 14th Wed. - Under The Clear Sky

It's another sunny and warm afternoon.

I feel spring comes right here.

I love this season, maybe so does everybody on the earth.

I have alot to think about now, but I don't wanna think about anything under the clear sky.

I believe that winter will be over some day and spring will, surely, comes for everybody.

Business has been slow this week.

I'm thinkin about having holidays for a couple days and going my hometown with my lovely son.

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Mar 10, 2012

Mar 10th Sat. ー One Year After The Quake

Here's the sun shines after a while.

Tomorrow is March 11th, the day that great earthquake occurred in eastern Japan.

It's an year from that ...

Time goes faster as you get older.

But I feel this one was long.

I don't know why...

Business is just devastating in this afternoon.

Sun went behind those clouds again ...

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Mar 9, 2012

Mar 9th Fri. ‐ No Parking Sign

It's a newly placed "no parking sign" ealier.

This place produces heaps of parking tickets.

There still be a lot of illegal parkings around though.

It's wet all day, but warm weather has still been around.

It's, of course, busy Friday so far.

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Mar 8, 2012

Mar 8th Thur. ‐Bitter Sight

This is a neighboring convenience store which is lately closed.

If you're driving all day, you'll see quite a few deference along the load.

That is exciting to see, but sometimes, a little bitter...

Temp is now much warmer but sky hasn't been clear.

Business has been not bad.

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Mar 3, 2012

Mar 3rd Sat. ー Osaka

I got a ride to Osaka after a while yesterday.

I like driving in the big city.

I'm now a local driver about 30 miles away from Osaka.

I'm still enjoying this job though.

I believe taxi and our work will get better.

discussing a lot about how to make it better in this a few days.

It's gonna be better only when most of us, drivers, believe our future.

I believe some day we would.

I got lucky afew times yesterday and today.

Even though it seems slow around ...

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Mar 1, 2012

Mar. 1st - We always got tomorrow

This is old but very famous Japanese song.

I love this one

My kids love this one

This song' s title is "ashita ga aru"

mean We got "ashita"

We always got tomorrow!

If you did something wrong today