Feb 23, 2010


Its like an worm day in Spring. 15 degree

Feb 5, 2010

Cold Leg

I bought new map with special discount at the garage.

It was 1000 yen as it costs around 4000 regulary.

I've got a cold leg on my left foot this morning when I was in bed.

I had this before maybe a few weeks ago in December.

working too much?

15 shifts in this 17 days...

Feb 1, 2010

Green Plaza Hotel

I went Green Plaza!

Got 6710yen,lucky!

Great Expectation

My wife is expecting in next a few days.

I told my small boss about that,

he said

"Oh,my dog's birthday is tomorrow.Your son's might be same!"

...Yes he is a disgusting guy.

Then I told another one,my big boss.

He said

"Oh! That's good.Congratulation."

Oh,it's surprising...but nice reaction.