Nov 2, 2011

A Fellow Driver Left

That was the bad news I heard this morning.

A fellow driver left.

I don't know why ...

He's been absent lately and I've been worrying alittle but never thought he was going to leave.

Because he looked motivated to be behind the wheel here.

He was 30 years old, young as a cabby here as average driver's age is just below 60.

So even I ,38, be considered "young" and surrounded by bunch of elder guys.

I have been looking forward to having young fellows and I believe if more young guys come around, cab industry would change.

I have talked to the guy afew times and felt he was good one.

He was the age that I started driving as a cabby.

He said he was just got married and ought to make a good family as a driver like me.

I'm alittle disappointed hearing the "bad" news.

But wait to see...

He has his life, family, future.

He would be good I believe.

I'm not alone.

This industry need alittle more time to change.

I still sit here behind the wheel, maybe next afew years.

I'll see what happens and wish and believe our future.

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