Jan 10, 2013

Jan. 10th Thur. ‐ Ebessan

It's the special day for the famous Nishinomiya Ebisu Shrine.

For some reason, they hold special religious fest 9-11 in January.

And 10th is the biggest.

They close the gate in the midnight of 9th and get rid of any prayers there.

They hold some special stuff in there(we don't know what it is) and open the gate at 6 o'clock in the 10th morning.

Thousands of people wait behind the gate and splash to run.

Then first 3 guys to reach the main building of the shrine are named to be so called "Huku Otoko" mean lucky guys.

Current Earnings 7,870(15:06)

I went this so called "Ebessan" shrine this morning with my kids.

I hope I brought a piece of "Huku (luckiness)" from there.

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